Joi Brooks

Women in Email Marketing Masterclass

You are invited to join a small group masterclass to form deeper connections with women in email marketing and support each other. Our group will support a focused goal, cheer your wins, and help you clear your roadblocks.

  1. Meet for one hour, once every other week, for 9 sessions (1 introduction, 6 hot-seats, 2 workshops)
  2. Pursue personal and professional goals
  3. Support other members
  4. Session breakouts with buddies to accomplish wins, break bad habits and establish good ones, visualize and formulate goals
  5. Passion to network and bond

Attendance Requirements:
You must attend at LEAST 7 of the 9 sessions.

Meeting Agenda:
First 20 minutes — Wins since the previous session.
Next 10 minutes — "Hot seat" shares the status of her challenge. Rotates each week so each woman has her turn.
Last 20 minutes — Flexible conversation, get assigned your breakout buddy, wrap up, round-robin.

This group is a safe space for us to share our lives. Nothing that’s said inside the masterclass can be shared outside it.

Let's all be honest about where we are in our lives and where we want to go. We welcome vulnerability and are coming together to help each other. We will provide “honest feedback” : clear, simple, and productive.

Buddy sessions:
Every two weeks, members are randomly paired up to connect and network. Buddies have at least two conversations and journal their experiences. It's a great way to build connections and gain new insights.

You'll have the opportunity to attend two workshops led by industry experts. One workshop focuses on email marketing strategies while the other delves into career and business to help you succeed.

Ready to take yourself to the next level? Join us today and let's get started!